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Originally Posted by NoKaOi View Post
Ok, new question...when do you usually switch out to snow tires?
Ok - there is no single answer to this question.

Old expression:

I you don't like New England weather then stick around.
It will change.

Truer words were never spoken.

For the last 10 years or so, it *usually* started snowing around late December. Last year it started in late October / early November. I didn't even have time to finish clearing the leaves from my yard before they were covered in a foot of snow.

The spring thaw (usually starting in late March) is also difficult to predict within a month time frame. It often thaws completely then you get a foot of snow in early April.

The weather predictions are about 50% accurate within 3 days.
80% in about 3 hours.

On average it snows like hell once a week during Jan/Feb except for the arctic freeze period for about 2 weeks in February where your nose hair freezes solid when you go outside. It can also snow big time in Nov/Mar. This isn't a given either. One year it snowed 3 inches three time a week. That's actually worse. ( 3 inches and a foot yield about the same road results. The massive plows don't seem to mind. )

My advice for a RWD bimmer is to run 2 sets of rims and buy 2 hydraulic jacks. I did not do this and wish I had. When you get the report of the first snow you can swap out your own rims/tires in minutes and swap them back and forth during the unpredictable times. Running snows on dry pavement totally sucks but not running snows on a RWD bimmer during a Nor'easter is very bad.'easter

My general rule is to start watching for snow storm reports after Thanksgiving.

It may take a winter for you to get used to the terror.
Don't worry - you'll get used to the feeling of impending death.
Just push through the white knuckle express.

I ran snows on my E36.
I drive an XI now. Had enough.

Oh - and buy new clothes. Search on "puffy coat".