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Originally Posted by NoKaOi View Post
Ok, new question...when do you usually switch out to snow tires?

I just called TireRack and they said you can only run winter tires when it is below 40 degrees. So, how often is MA under 40 degrees, and for how many months of the year? The guy at TireRack also said all weather tires would be fine.

Since my car will be arriving in October, should I just swap out to my 17" stockies with all weather tires before I ship it, and then go back to 19" in the spring?

I'm sorry...I'm from Hawaii. Having to deal with seasonal changes is foreign to me.

Yes, I know, I could look this up, but I want real world opinions.

Thanks in advance!
I usually change the weekend of Thanksgiving and leave the Winter tires on until Easter. I think you should go with winter instead of all seasons.

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