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Originally Posted by Dipdidi View Post
I need to vent.

This is a terrible fucking dealer. I was advised not to purchase my car there but the stupid in me didnt listen. Such terrible terrible service.

Brought my car in for the HPFP issue, it took them 1 week to fix it. They gave me a shit ass KIA as a loaner... When my car was ready to pick up (i had to call to ask if it was ready and indeed it was) i drove there asap (fucking traffic on the 15) and picked up my car. The service guy told me they fixed the issue and off i went... Until i saw the car was shitted on by pigeons and so on, told them to wash the car (i never ask for this but the car looked terrible). They wash the car and one of the their guys drives my car to the parking lot (fucking guy driving all fast and shit)... Anyways i inspect the car and i swear to god the car looked worse then before, how this can be sounds impossible but true story. I just said fuck it and off i went...

On the 15 heading back to downtown i noticed my Tire Pressure light come on (im freaking out at this point) and had to go back into traffic and waste another 1 hour at the dealer until they found someone that can reset it (phew no flat). I leave the dealership once again as i see everyone that works there just running around like chicken.

1 week later Enterprise charges me nearly 300$ for the KIA loner (WTF!?!?!)... Why am I being charged!? So I call BMW 3 days ago telling them of the charges, the service guy told me this was something he had to look into as Enterprise WILL not credit me back my 300$ - 3rd day in and still not a fucking call from BMW.

I paid nearly 80k $ for this and THIS is the service they give? Good god.

Question - I heard LAVAL is a much better dealership, anyone else can recommend them? Will there be any issues if i take my car there to get serviced from now on even if i bought from Canbec (I say "issues" as i know there wont be any problems but thought id ask).

If you really want to get your point across, I recommend that you write a letter to BMW Canada, with copy to CANBEC and your Sales Advisor, describing in detail why you are not happy camper. I got mine from Laval and service to date is great, however, there are stories like this at both dealers, so it's luck (or bad luck) of the draw thing!

You can also choose to speak with the service manager, and mention what you plan to do, and see what kind of response you get from them. Who knows, you may get a freebee....

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