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Aberry is a scammer
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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
wow i was just about to make this very same poll g9 vs xsi lol.

and this was only made a few days ago. ok but now i have a new question.

is this too good to be true?

XSI - $249! -

G9 - $279 -

am i just a prodigy price hunter, or is this site shady.... please please, someone reply cuz i wanna get it right now!

!!!!!eDit; guys dont fucking buy from photo dynasty. theyre scammers!
yeah dude, same shit happened to me when I was buying my XTi about a year ago.. good thing I researched for like 2 days.. The site I was going to get it on was like 399 from the retail 799 lol.. I ended up printing out a price quote from Adorama and taking it to bestbuy. they priced matched it and I was a happy camper