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BMW, can I have some LSD please?
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So... received my set quite quickly 1 week after ordering and now already installed for 1 week.
Pics to come later.

A few first impressions:

1. Smoked is quite dark.
Matches really nicely with the smoked LED sidemarkers I got at the same time. However, I'd estimate maybe the smoked turn indicator part reduces light output by about a third! But it looks so nice on Alpine White, so I'll be getting a set of 5 watt LEDs from to see if that can compensate.

2. Very bright and intense brake LEDs.
I'm sure at night if I were to follow behind at a car's length and the LEDs come on, I would not be able to look at them for more than a few secs before getting a mild retinal burn. Imagine the brightness and intensity of the LED centre mounted 3rd brake light, and multiply that by 4 ... for each side!

3. Quality and fit is excellent and exact. Installation is easy.
When installing, make sure to push it all the way up and compress the housing, then hand tighten the middle 2 nuts first before the outer one. This way, it's perfectly aligned with even spacing all around.

4. The only negative ...
(and this is no fault of Nick or the manufacturer) is that if you're also ordering the LED turn signal bulbs from, make sure you ask them NOT to pre-install them into the housing. Because the holes need to be enlarged slightly to accomodate the slightly larger LED bulbs, whoever did that for my set did a truly bad job of leaving the plastic shavings INSIDE the housing! Do you know how long it took me to shake and pat them all out? And even after 1 hour, there were still 2 small pieces stuck in the lower corner that just would not budge. Oh well, at least it's not noticeable at a distance of more than 3 feet...

5. Error codes...
Will show up on startup, but will disappear after 2 blinks of the hazard lights. So, most likely it's due to either the LED sidemarkers or LED rear turn signals that were installed at the same time.

Anyways, thanks Nick!

Anyone have any questions, just shoot!
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