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Let's have a coilovers - springs - shocks discussion!

We have a lot of E90post members that have changed suspension components. With the engine tune mods having reached a period of some stasis, I expect that many more enthusiasts will now turn their attention to mods that improve handling.

Part of the goal is to create a thread for advice, and let the parts sticky be restricted to data.

We have lots of members with KW v1-2-3s, Bilstein PSS9-10s, Koni yellows-FSDs, H&Rs, AST+Swift, even TCKlines and new BMW Performance kits.

Some members have experience with more than one combo, and some have driven other cars with different systems. Their comparisons are of great help to potential modders.

I thought it would be useful to try and get summaries of all this information -- there is tons of it embedded in various threads, but it would be nice to have a single quick source that we can refer to.

One issue that should be clear to potential modders is the importance of figuring out what their priorities are. Suspension mods are suited to more specific conditions than engine tunes and most other mods. Street vs. track. What kind of track; what kind of street. Comfort versus performance. Actual performance versus 'feel'. Looks. Price. Reliability, including noise, loose fittings, etc.

If this attracts interest I'll sticky it.