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I have the JIC Magic Cross Coil-Overs along with the UUC adjustable sway bars.
This suspension is FABULOUS! The feedback through the steering wheel is addictive. It feels so connected to the road, but not harsh at all. It's a cross between the Boxster and Elise for feel.
My wife initially thought it rode too rough, but shortly afterwards she got used to it and said it’s no problem (this is a HUGE bonus as she likes to drive my car because it’s manual and quicker than hers). Turn in is very crisp and body roll is controlled very well. Hitting larger bumps is a non-issue. The car just soaks them up very quickly and the car just settles in. I had the ZSP suspension and the ride is comparable. It is a little more abrupt in it's reaction, but the control is so much better. You can tell the wheels are staying on the ground better, which is what you want. I did loose about 12lbs per corner with my new wheels and tires.
I have the front end stiffened up more than the rear to promote a little understeer to keep things safer. The front shocks are set at 9 and the rears are set at 5. This is out of 15 different settings front and rear.

I have the UUC adjustable sway bars too. The front is set in the middle setting and the rears are set on the softest setting. The roll control is perfect. It tilts slightly and bites quickly.

Overall, I'm so pleased with this set-up. I initially was worried the ride would be too harsh because JIC valves their shocks pretty high and the spring rates are on the high side too (450lbs front and 674lbs rear). The more I drive it, the better I like it.

On the track the suspension is totally in it's element. I set the car up to be neutral and it works fantastic. I could really feel the balance change on the car as I played with the throttle during long turns. The bite on turn-in is great and it just stays put (very hard to push wide) with no oversteering issues either. I was really able to push the car HARD and it was completely stable the entire time. Braking is flat and controlled too.

Just a note: this suspension system is very similar to a race set-up. Height adjustments are not easily done and I had to cut access holes in the trunk panels to adjust the rear shocks easier.
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