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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Sounds like the "Cars & Coffee" concept, which I'm personally a fan of. We can call it "E9Xs and coffee." Something simple like "Every 3rd Saturday of the month, 10 AM at XXXX coffee shop."

I know the young punks on here will be like "10AM on a Saturday? I'm just going to BED at 10 AM on Saturday morning!" Eff'ing lightweights I tell ya! In college, I would drink until 2 AM, crash for a few hours, then be AT WORK at 6 AM Saturday morning. Tough it out, rookies!

The crew gets together every Tuesday night at Dick's on Holman road (7:00 PM.) More interesting during the summer when the weather is nice, but during the winter, I think an indoor type location would be great.
Hey now!

What about the Starbucks or some other restaurant at Bellevue Square? Nice place and lots of parking for the group.