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Step 7. Remove the coil. On each coil flip the cap upward (require some force) and pull out the plug. This is where I use the flat head screw driver to help me flip the cap upward. Be extra careful not to damage the cap or coil. I did this to all six coils.

Step 8. Next, pull the coil out. I work on 1 coil at a time. Pull the coil out, loosen the old spark plug. I use a regular wrench with an 8" extension bar to loosen the old spark plug. Toward the back of the engine near the fire wall, you will need a 10" bar extension to remove the last 2 plugs. Once it is loosen, I use my hand to unscrew the plug so that I do not damage the thread.

Step 9. Replace with new spark plug. Apply some anti seize lube onto the threaded part of the plug (Updated). I start to thread in the new plug with my hand until I cannot turn the plug any longer (Screwing in the plug by hand at first ensure that you will not damage the thread). Once I cannot turn the plug, I use the torque wrench set at 30 nm to tight the plug.

Step 10. Put the coil back in and make sure you snap it in place. Then reconnect the coil plug and close the cap. Do this for all 6 plugs. Now repeat step 8-10 for the other 5 plugs.

Step 11. Now put everything back and start the engine and you are done!

Hope I did not leave anything out and hope y’all find this DIY helpful.
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