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Is there an official sign-up thread for this somewhere? I am definitely interested.

I checked the Waterford regs and they have this to say about convertibles:

Convertibles must have a steel roll bar (factory installed fixed and active roll bars are permitted)
Open Cars Having Factory Installed Roll Over Protection: Any make of car delivered with factory
installed roll over protection which satisfies US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216 meets
the minimum standards for events (owner must provide proof that it meets this standard). The
windshield alone is not considered to be roll over protection. Open Cars Not Having Factory
Installed Roll Over Protection: If a car does not have factory installed roll over protection, a roll bar
must be installed, which meets the “broomstick” rule (the driver’s helmeted head is below a bar
placed on top of the roll bar and windshield).
Does anyone know if an E93 satisfies this? I would guess that it does, but was wondering if it was mentioned explicity anywhere.
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