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i stumbled across this thread and was reading about all of it.

i went to my car today, it was cold. i looked at my actuator and grabbed the rod and moved it left to right, it does move but very LITTLE as some have described.

i dont have any noise what so ever!

i also grabbed the end of the actuator rod where it connects to the wastegate arm?
anyways that seem to move in and out aswell. but like hairline

so it has nothing to do with these parts and i always was reading these parts are actually suppose to have a bit of slack on them?

so the vacuum actuators are the failing components here? they are not closing the Wastegate all the way and it is creating a flutter sound while the wastegate flaps aganist the seat?

do the new Actuators look any different?

just gathering some knowledge if this ever happens to me one day and trying to share some info.
im going to the dealer tomrrow for my friend, there is a 335i in there, gonna look at the actuator and try to move it around see if it looks any different then mine.

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