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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I have no idea with what version, but I think it's the latest.

Do a search under secret menu, and you'll find it.

Yep, C.

Vegas is nice. Evil, but nice.
We got upgraded to a 1024 sq ft suite because it was our 5 year anniversary.
I told them it was my birthday so they said they would upgrade me to the next room level up for $50 a night. The normal price was $250 extra a night so I said sure. The guy tried to find an available room but there were none and when he told me that I got kinda sad. Then he said he would have to upgrade me to the room two levels up from mine which was $500 extra a night, and he would have to only charge me $50 because he already said $50. The room was insane, two bathrooms, two flat screens, kitchen, etc..

So the lesson is if you ever go to vegas make sure you ask to be upgraded for whatever reason !!!