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I think the paint (enviro friendly and water based) on these cars is just very soft. I have found just about looking at it sideways can cause a blemish to appear. My 335i is crimson red and I love the color but the paint may be the death of me - anything ont he paint (bugs, bird bombs (even the tiniest light duty ones) mark the paint very quickly. Many are of the opinion the new paints being used are just too soft. Maybe they need more time to cure even though they are baked on at the factory

One thing I thought very odd was I debadged my car after only having it less than a month and it having very little intense exposure to sun/UV and you could see the 335i ghosted on the boot lid in a tone that was actually lighter than the surrounding paint - almost a reverse fade. After about a week or two the color evened out - very odd I think...