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Picked Up My New Ride :)

The 330 wasn't cutting it, so I decided I needed a few more ponies under the hood. Say hello to my Lamborghini Gallardo

Ignore the shit eating grin. You would be too!

Damn Italians know what they're doing!

Teh sexy.

520HP never looked so good. And the sound at WOT. Fuggit about it

Paddle shifting madness!

Nice lines eh.

Dammit, will it fit in my garage?!

Honey, how are we going to fit our luggage in this? Me - shaddup!

Smile for the camera baby...

Heh. So back to reality. This is actually my friend's Gallardo that he won for the weekend at a local charity event. We took a quick spin around the neighborhood and streched its legs on a couple of back roads.


I don't think I took a breath the whole time we ran it up to redline. The sound from the engine ... whew. I wish I could have gotten some seat time, but alas he basically had to sign his life away to drive the thing. Apparently the last renter beat it to hell -- new clutch was installed to the tune of about 10K. I'm gonna go drive my humble 330 now