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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
The problem with the xi is the ride height but also the spring and the spring constant being used. It is way too soft. Most sport springs are "stiffer" linear or progressive. I also think our shoocks/struts suck too. Don't get me wrong, the entire suspension sucks as a whole.

If I had a winter vehicle I wold have got an E92 and and not an e90 xi.

The KW kicks ass because the spring is optimized to work with the shock. The shock is "jetted" as a sport shock.
Thanks for the reply. That answers my question much better.

I have to be honest too, I bought the XI thinking it was more like an Audi Quattro etc where the suspension performs well with the "sport" (um, "ultimate driving machine"?!) nature of the car. In reality, the 335XI handles well compared to a Camry but not compared to real sports sedans runnings up to $50k. No way.

The ride is also much too harsh. If KW can make this thing avoid the massive bangs on bumps (bottoming out shocks etc) I fail to understand how BMW engineers could have let this car go out the door as approved for mass consumption by the public.

I need to find and fill out one of those satisfaction surveys to let them know I'm considering Audi etc for the next ride if they can't get it together.
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