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Originally Posted by BavarianBullet View Post
Thanks for all the advice- you guys rock!

I'm on 18" 162s and stock RFTs for now (new car, 5/08).

So if we voted on the cause of the aptly-named "Big BANG" front suspension bottoming of the XI, what is the consensus for cause between tires and suspension? 60% caused by RFT and 40% stock shocks?


Yeah, given my recent tire change I would say 80% tires 20% suspension.

My new Pilot A/S are much smoother on small bumps and no big bang on big bumps.

The car still wallows at high speed.

Comparing the A4/S4 to our car, I was talking more suspension than outright acceleration. We got screwed....S5 is looking nicer all the time, especially driving at speed.

I think we all can safely say the I6 TT kills just about everthing on the road in the same price range or less.