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I think I'll definitely get this awesome new blue color for my E90 - but I'm not so sure about my interior choices.

I'll get the base cloth interior - here in Finland Dakota-leather would cost 2750 euros (about $3300) due to extremly high car taxes... And the car will be a base 318i 129 hp manual - it costs 36 200 euros (~ $43 500), with absolutely no extras - no ACC, no cruise, no leather steering wheel, no alu-wheels etc.

But will the beige cloth go with this blue shade? And if it goes, how would it look with the base trims - not alum trims, these Titanium or what so ever? Any pictures?

The other combination considered is black cloth with these standard Titanium-trims. Beige is quite rare here - I find it more attractive.

Opinions, please