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Originally Posted by stuartrav View Post

Having seen the report on Harold Wood I am very glad that I didn't buy a car from them! Coming from Essex and with a car on order I wondered if anyone has any comments on the other dealerships in Essex.
Well, don't what ever you do go to Sytner Chigwell... the old service manager from Harold Wood has been shipped there, and his incompetence is causing chaos there too... Only a matter of time before he gets shipped out completely, I hope

They are now also going to have to deal with an audit of their warranty claims, after seven separate cases of warranty work were NOT carried out on my car, despite their claims to the contrary. Parts that should have been replaced due to TSBs issued by BMW AG, and were claimed to have been replaced by the service team at Sytner Harold Wood, have subsequently been found to be the original parts supplied on the car at manufacture, as each part has the manufacture date stamped on them It's a complete and utter con - so I would stay well clear of the Harold Wood and Chigwell...

I haven't used anyone else in Essex - i take my car down to Battersea as it's now always looked after by BMW UK