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Nice SAE numbers.

Yeah the dyno operator started it late.
Should of been around 2000 rpm.
But don't believe BMW, you will NOT get max torque at 1400 rpms.
If you tried to do a dyno pull starting at 1200 rpms in 4th gear, you'd get nothing but bogging for the first 800-1000 rpms anyway.

Peak torque on dynos seems to arrive around 3500-3800 rpms anyway.
You might of seen a bit more torque numbers had they started the pull at 2000-2300 rpms and gotten on full boost by 3000 rpms, but to be honest 276 rwtq is right on par for SAE stock numbers so I'd say you aren't "missing out" on any torque values anyway.

Weird how they let off the throttle at 6500 rpms too.
Maybe they didn't have their tach pick up set up accurately.
If that was the case and they were off by 400-500 rpms, the runs would of started at 2700 rpms then too.