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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Nice SAE numbers.

If you tried to do a dyno pull starting at 1200 rpms in 4th gear, you'd get nothing but bogging for the first 800-1000 rpms anyway.

Weird how they let off the throttle at 6500 rpms too.
Maybe they didn't have their tach pick up set up accurately.
If that was the case and they were off by 400-500 rpms, the runs would of started at 2700 rpms then too.

Yeah I think he let off a little early toward the end. I was not the driver on the dyno, and i didn't look at car's actual rpm. I suppose they could of started the dyno around 2,000 rpm, but oh well. I'm happy. Next time I dyno (which won't be stock ) i'll make sure they follow the n74 ERR n54 engine parameters!