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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
You almost can't start a dyno in 4th gear at 1200 rpms.
I've done many dynos on 335's and at 1200 rpms in 4th on the dyno rollers, you are near stalling and the car bogs like crazy then.
I've been able to be well under 2000 rpms (like 1500-1600 rpms) though without much issue. Either way, peak torque seems to occur well above 3000 rpms (usually 3500-3700 rpms).
I just don't know how BMW got away with saying that peak torque occurs at 1400 rpms.
In any case, as I stated, it's doubtful he'd of gotten anymore torque on his dyno. Maybe, maybe a couple if dyno was started earlier, but doubt it. He would of just seen a bit more of a torque plateau earlier in the rpm range.
Could it be that the 335s you've dyno'ed have all been v29.1.1 or later? If so this would explain the revs you see peak torque at.

N74 in a 3 series could be interesting, if nose heavy....
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