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Originally Posted by AKbmw View Post
can they totally void your warranty from just an intake?
Noro you should really look into this.... what you were told previously isn't true.

I've personally called 4 different BMW dealers in the Chicagoland area and spoke to SA's about the warranty issues regarding both the muffler delete and cold air intake mods.

I was told 3 times that it cannot officially void your warranty unless it can be determined that it was the cause of a malfunction which would otherwise be covered (4th guy told me he honestly didn't know cuz he's never seen one come into the shop with an after market intake on it).

You wouldn't end up having a faulty headlight one day, take it into the dealer and when they pop the hood they see your intake and come back and say you voided the warranty on the car so now its gonna cost you $2500 for new Xenons cuz we won't cover it. One doesn't have anything to do with the other.

Like I said they have to link the problem to the Intake... so unless you go in with a dead cylinder because a golf ball was lodged in it and they see you don't have an air filter on your intake.... they yes in that case you would have voided your warranty, but anything less than that most likely wouldn't be able to be pinned on or proven at fault due to you having a CAI.