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Originally Posted by dtmryan

This is really quick install guide for installing the kerscher front bumper..really basic.

1. Remove OEM Front bumper(FB)

2. Prefit Kerscher FB

3. Fit on the front bumper and mark down all the areas that need to be drilled. (didnt take pics of them marking the holes i was to late )

4. Next pull the bumper off and drill the holes.

5. Then install the mesh, with the glue & clips provided.

6. Trim the Air Ducts

The shape/size that needs to be trimmed

7. Install the FB and install the screws and kidney grills. (installing the kidney grills can be easier when the bumper is already on the car. keeps it from moving)

Dont forget underneath

8. Your Done! Check out the pefect fitment now!

If you like this bumper feel free to call me and get more info on it and the rest of the kit @ 626-442-0318 Ryan

Sorry if i forgot some stuff

How much for the front bumper (with paint and shipping to Toronto, Ontario, Canada)?