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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
I am glad you are mentioning this and putting it out for the public to see Orb. I went to the dealer recently to look at the suspension components for the M3, and aside a very few minor differences, its all the same.. There are a few things that look different and have the "M" stamp on them, but they are no different than the 335's components. It seems like BMW just redid the part in a different material just because its an M.

The front end is basically the same as you mentioned. Someone also mentioned the front hub spindles are different, and they are, but its not an advantageous difference aside from a very minor difference in unsprung weight. Due to the spindle difference, the caliper is mounted a little lower than the 335's caliper, but its a negligible difference as far as COG and gain go.
The dealership dude was looking at me like, wtf is he doing. Haha.

Great info nonetheless bro and great job!

I wonder when Dtec will release a bushing set for the E9x's. They make some good custom stuff as far as bushings go.
I'm not sure it would be worth doing any other bushing on this car as the other ones are the same as the M3. If you go with really stiff race spring then it might be worth it but it is better to balance out the system. To stiff of bushings and the car with resonate all over the body which will be a function of spring rate as well. It is best to be safe and do a modest upgrade.

The rubber strut top mounts need to go. The for and aft movement in these have large deflections as well and with the combination of the stock lower control arm mean huge under steer when pushed hard. I am finally on the last leg of the road getting this best to handle at the track.