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Originally Posted by arter View Post
Thanks for the comments.
I understand that I have to practice.. practice.. practice first to learn to drive better. Luckily, still in the steep part of the learning curve and improving each time I go out.

The square 245's all around sounds like where I need to go to track this car.
Will set that up next year.... this was going to be the family sedan.

Like I said, was pleasantly surprised (read a lot of the complaints on stock handling in the other sections with the Xi). Have considered the KW's, but
worried that the ride would get harsher in normal usage. I know they are adjustable, just not sure how much... the softest equal to stock?
The softest setting is pretty soft - almost as soft of stock. I'm set 2 clicks harder rear from middle setting, and 1 click harder from middle setting on the fronts. I bottom out frequently on these shit Montreal roads, but this is still softer than my 350Z stock.
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