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Replacing Bridgestone Potenza 255/35 R18 RE050A *Run Flat*


I've got a real problem locating a replacement tyre... I've got one with a nail in it, luckily it loses pressure relatively slowly and my wife doesn't have to do more than a few miles a day. Thank gawd for that, cos no-one has stock of these tyres anywhere!

EventTyres are selling a Potenza of the same spec except there's is named "255/35 R18 [90Y] Bridgestone - Potenza RE050 EZ RFT". Note the 'EZ' and the fact that the speed rating is Y whereas the BMW fitted tyres are W rated. I really don't know if this rules 'em out as an option - I'm waiting on a reply from Event right now.

The other alternative is to go for some non run-flat tyres. Now BMW are insistent that it's dangerous to mix'n'match normal and RFT's even on different axles - is that really true?

A seemingly extreme alternative is to replace the whole lot - it seems Falken tyres can be had for 200 for the four - that's cheaper than a single RFT tyre! I might get a more compliant ride out of it too... and I could perhaps sell the 3 good part-worn tyres on eBay - as there's such a shortage of 'em, they must be worth something to someone who's in similar desperation ;-/

However, being something of a noob on these matters - are the rims normal, or are they special in some way that means I can only put RFT's on them?
ANd what do I do if I have a puncture? Can I buy a space saver wheel from somewhere? Or should I just use the get-you-home foam aerosol... or BMW's Emergency service?

What do you guys recommend???

thanks in advance,