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Nokia N80

Hi all - since my original question, I have FINALLY recieved my Nokia N80 from Orange, and unfortunately its going straight back

The phone connects okay to the E90 BT kit (steering wheel buttons worked etc), but Viv was correct the phone book simply will not transfer over. Yes you can manually dial the numbers and it stays in the car's memory (and only the numbers stay mind no names or anything can be added) - but what I miss having the full list of names and numbers to scroll down that my "old" 100% compatible Sony Ericsson K750i had.
Plus something odd happens when you recieve a call, the stereo/sat nav cuts out as normal, then you can hear the actual phone itself ringing, followed by a rather "forced" incoming call tone from the car kit a few seconds later - bizarre.

Shame really the phone is a nice piece of kit, yes loaded with technology, but other issues, build quality not all there, and the silver finish that was on the phone, began to tarnish as soon as I got my fingermarks on it, hate to see what it would be like after a few months of use let alone one day's worth.

Phone is going back and I will be trying the MPV S600 PDA next. Lets see how long Orange can get one of these out to me. Will keep you posted.