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Originally Posted by thebigman
Can your dealer not source the tyre?

I wouldn’t go near a set of £200 tyres IMHO, they are for poor people.

I also wouldn’t worry too much about putting one different tyre on your car as long as the tread pattern isn’t completely different.

Actually the Falkens came out at £340 for the four, but I've not seen anyone have a bad word to say about them on any forums I've searched.

BMW won't sanction me changing to normal tyres - they say the car's ABS and sensors are all set for RFT's, also changing from BMW approved tyres may affect insurance and the DVLA as I'm 'modifying' my car

My BMW dealer has Michelin Sport RFT's in stock, they seem to be about the only ones left in the country - a 'bargain' at £578 for the two (cos they won't sanction mismatched tyres on the same axle either, so I've got to swap both, even though the other tyre still has 4mm of tread to go before it's illegal). I've just given them the go-ahead to put them on cos I'm getting very very bored with phoning around