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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
Give TC Kline camber/castor plates a try, you will see about +9 degrees of castor!
Not to impressed with TC Kline execution for engineering point of view. It is important to separate the thrust and rotation components from the pivot bearing for smooth operation, noise and longevity. The KW camber plates are noise free. The compact thrust bearing will withstand loads well above 10,000 PSI and is very compact (they are using a RBC slim pack thrust bearing). They have also incorporate some radial compliance for the thrust bearing so bending moments for the spring are not induce into the damping rod which keeps things smoother and it also keep noise to a minimum. The spherical bearing doesn’t rotate it just pivots. The load rating on the bearing is 7300 PSI and will last for long time in this configuration.

The custom plates I had made up and starting point but I don’t want to put to much caster in either not should one go past 1 degree from default settings but i can make the plates accept 9 degrees of caster. Very low speeds suffer with to much castor so I willing to trade off a bit for my day to day drive.