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Originally Posted by ///M PWR 00 View Post
You are getting noise because you are OD'ing with the HDR effect.... lessen it up a bit and the noise will go away. HDR isnt intended to create these surreal images. HDR can work wonders if you use it properly!
hmm i see... i'll have to mess around with photomatix some more then. btw what would you suggest about making the surreal images? i really like the surreal look. so if hdr isn't intended for this what would be better suited for it. and thank you for the info. i appreciate the suggestions.

Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post

I love HDR, but I hate it when it's overused. Glowy edges = fail.
sorry for killing the hdr. i'll work on it. but as a general rule of thumb.... glowy edges= bad hdr? i'm trying to make the cars have more of that shine and pop so i was thinking the glow was a good thing =\

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