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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by lul77 View Post
hmm i see... i'll have to mess around with photomatix some more then. btw what would you suggest about making the surreal images? i really like the surreal look. so if hdr isn't intended for this what would be better suited for it. and thank you for the info. i appreciate the suggestions.

sorry for killing the hdr. i'll work on it. but as a general rule of thumb.... glowy edges= bad hdr? i'm trying to make the cars have more of that shine and pop so i was thinking the glow was a good thing =\
Some guy on the General Car section of the forums (I think his username was GTiTom or something like that) did some perfect shots using HDR. There weren't any glowing edges, everything was just very shiny and sharp, almost like a rendering.
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