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Originally Posted by medrep View Post
Ive had both engines, currently have the 177. There isnt a great deal between the two, although the 177 seems to have more torque midrange/topend. Went a little over the speed limit yesterday with ease, the 163 never seemed to have that urgency at the upper limits? Its only done 2500 miles so still needs some running in?

Id agree with the others, get a 163 and chip it.

On a different note, drove the A3 S Line 170bhp recently, miles faster than the 163 E90. Did a rolling run comparison with my colleague's A3 against my 163 onto motorway sliproad, and I didnt have a chance, he was gone!!
Quite a shock it was that much faster!!!???
The 170 TDI VAGs are understated, more like 175-180. I had a 140 which was closer to 150. Plus, lighter car so would expect a 170 TDI A3 to rip past a 163 320d.

Very good engines the 140s and 170s... can't say the same for the rest of my Golf tho (quality wasn't the best).

Back to the point about the 163 and 177, visually they are different, ie exhaust but also inside you get the ED button and push-start button I believe on the 1777 and not on the 163 (I have the 177 so I;ve got those buttons).

Eff Dynamics was introduced on 22nd Oct 2007 (I was reliabley informed) and my car was registered in the UK on 27th Oct 2007 so I must have one of the 1st EDs in the country, most of the 2nd hand iones you see sem to be late Nov / Early Dec.

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