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Global Imports

I know people have negative experiences no matter what dealership you go to. Keep in mind that all dealerships want to make money and you want to get the best deal. This tension is called "negotiation". I find so many people hate this because they do not take the time to realize that salespeople, regardless of industry, are tasked with making their respective company money. The best dealership is the one that builds the most value for the deal. I found that the guys at Global, in particular Zak Reitzfeld, did an outstanding job. He is clear, concise, and honest. He answered all my questions, even when it wasnt the answer i was hoping for. He is most hospitable, and actually was concerned to make the deal. To do that he addressed all my concerns, showed me my options, and let me have the choice. It is refreshing to have a professional helping me instead of an unprepared, uneducated, lot lizard. Thank you Zak for an awesome buying experience!!