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I assume many of you already own a red bimmer, as I do, so I think this is a good thread to ask this. My bright red 1996 318ti is having it's clearcoat peeling off & well...looks bad. I talked to BMW rep(>6 years, no warranty) & he implied red has a much higher maintenance factor. IE I should have shelled out big buck$ for yearly silicone coatings, etc or kept my 318 waxed in a garage.

Well I have no garage, waxed it 2x a year, & live in Seattle(which is NOT the sun capitol of the USA). Some body shops here thought the main problem was the BASF clearcoat used, ie it was water bourne, & first used in the 1996 3-series. I've seen red bimmers from earlier years that put my finish to total shame...even ones from Arizona!

I would like to hear feedback(pro/con) from others who have red bimmers. Why do I want this feedback? Because I still love the color red & may buy a 2006 325 coupe. I need to know if my situation was just a fluke, or common enough that I should think twice about not making the same mistake again...TIA
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