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Originally Posted by in5ane_3 View Post
No problem man.

Never sign anything. That's what you should never do, sign without being content. You're 19, lol I'm telling you you're 19 like I'm 64 or something, so a lot of people will try to intimidate you and think they can have it their way. Don't take crap.

In any case a police report will always help you out. No matter what, it is very important to have a record of a witness at the scene and a cop would be best.

Moral of the story, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SIGN. They could've charged you more the next day who cares, it wouldn't have been that much more, they wanted you out of their and your signature on the paper to release liability.

Thanks dude. I wish I didn't have to pay half a grand just to learn a lesson that I was already supposed to know already through common sense.