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Originally Posted by e92shark View Post
I would like to hear some opinions from those that do and do not have the premium pkg. The invoice price for this option is $2,320 on the 335i coupe. Now is it really worth it? Yeah it includes the leather interior, but the invoice price to add leather is $1,320. With that said and done let us do an analysis...

1) Ok it comes with a digital compass on the rear view mirror. First of all, it does not help a damn bit if you are already lost. Unless!! You get Navi... Then you would eliminate the need for this "compass".

Useless, and I have one in my radar detector

2) The second feature is it comes with BMW assist with bluetooth system. In regards to the BMW assist I have it on my e60 and have not used it for S#!T. In regards to the bluetooth system it is useless if you do not have a compatible phone.

Bluetooth is nice...although a headset or Nuvi with bluetooth works fine. Assist is something you should hope to never use

3) The third feature is lumbar support... I have the option in my car also and I think it might be me, but it makes my back uncomfortable...

I use it but could live without it

4) The fourth feature... Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors... Simple solution tint your windows... Or for those of you that have a it could you live without it? lol

Very useful but I would not mind suffering without them

5) Last but not least universal garage door opener... Its cool that the buttons are there but it is the same as reaching for the damn garage door opener...

Exactly but it is nice to have it integrated

With that said and done please, let me know. Thanks
So pretty much they are a bunch of added random luxuries + leather that make the car ownership experience more fun, but can be lived without. I have gotten pretty needy of the bluetooth and that would probably be the one thing I would add for $750 as its seamless integration is great. If I wanted a leather color on top of this it would run me 2100 vs 2650 for the premium package. $550 does not seem worth it for lumbar support (worth about $50 to me), garage opener (worth about $50 to me), dimming mirrors (worth around $100 to me), and a compass (worth $25 to me).

I feel that many of the features should come standard in a $30000+ car as is the case with my sister's Lexus IS.