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Originally Posted by bavarian19
What will your head be doing outside your window in an autocross? I hope you dont get any dents, dings, flips or flying cones hitting your helmet either...

Let us know what this new driving style entails
Heh. Yeah, it's a full face helmet -- the guys at OG all recommended this. This is due to the fact that 1) it offers more protection 2) folks usually run auto-x with windows down and 3) if you're on the track (like Summit or VIR) you have to drive with windows down, just in case there is an "incident" and they gotta pull you outta the wreckage The guys also all chimed in with their respective horror stories of track debris... chunk of tire in the face, a random bolt that flys in, etc. etc.

For the auto-x, I just removed the visor which is held on by a couple of allen bolts. I plan on keeping it down when I hit the track.

BTW, the auto-x. I recommend EVERYONE sign up and take the class or drive an event. Driving the auto-x was beyond my expectations. The stuff we did on the track could never be done in normal street driving (well, unless you live Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift style - LOL), but it gave me a much better idea on the limits of my tires, driving ability and just how sensitive the 330 is to throttle input. I'm signing up for the second class offered in August.

The instructors there drove my car like a bat out of hell ... the closest I got time wise on the track was 2 seconds to their lap time (which is a eternity). What can I say? These guys were pro solo national winners, so they've been around the block a few times. Everyone should turn of DTC and experience steering around with the throttle! My runflats were crying, and I imagine if I continue down this abyss of auto-x addiction, I will need to invest in a dedicated set of tires.

I took some pics, but no action shots worth posting.