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I work at a BMW dealership and I've driven both the M3 and the M6. I would hands down go with the M3. People have this idea ingrained in their head that the M3 has a "rough ride" or something and that's total BS. If you have your EDC set to normal it rides like a regular non ///M. While the engine sound of the V10 in the M6 is awesome i think the exhaust note/engine sound combo of the new M3 is the best sounding combo i've ever heard. Plus if you're going Automatic rather than 6MT you can get the DKG on the new M3 whereas if you got a used or CPO m6 you'd have to settle for the SMG which is a much rougher transmission and slower to boot.
I don't think anyone made the argument of harsh ride or sounds.

yep it goes like this 0.... 15 .... 25... 50.... 60.... bang the tranny is out and the warranty out the window... all in 3.3 sec. very nice
Please. How many 335i threads have you seen with fuel pump failures?

What about 335i fuel pump failures that BMW refuses to pay for because BMW cannot develop a fuel pump that works with the US fuel market?

I'll take a few voided warranties due to abusive drivers over thousands of fuel pump replacements anyday.