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Originally Posted by T i h o r View Post
No need to be a smartass.

You implied that that thread was a test of people's photoshop skills. It was not the case by any means. Photoshop is just the most common picture editing software used, and seeing as how the picture obviously needs to be edited for the game to play out, it's called 'Photoshop Tennis'.

I have no problem admitting that my PS level is below n00bish, as it was my first time using it. Based on some of the pictures you've posted, I'm guessing the same for you?
I was not commenting on the skills. What I was commenting on was that you guys totally missed the point of photoshop tennis. You should ATLEAST try to place the images into the main photo to scale.

Also, Photoshop is merely a tool. Some use it more often than others and it is used in very different ways for different industries. So just because you see some pictures that are not "heavily" Photoshopped, doesn't mean that the individual doesn't know how to use it.