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Originally Posted by Porscha! View Post
Mistry - excellent shots, were where you on holiday? I'm guessing northern Spain? I've more or less toured the whole eastern coast of Spain but while I have a feeling that bridge and the coastal area is in the North I can't think for the life of me where exactely, or perhaps you are no where near Spain!!
Sorry for not replying, only just spotted this. The bridge is in Bristol no where near spain. in fact all the driving shots are in Bristol.
The next 2 were in the Maldives and the last 2 are from Rio. But they are old shots. I need a need another Holiday.

Originally Posted by booforty View Post
Thanks, yes all pictures with my Canon IXUS 75

The first picture was taken on Clay Pit Road on the edge of the Downs

No, didn't visit Brunel's Buttery. Where is it? I will pop in next time
I know where you mean. Great shots btw

The Buttery is near the industrial museum. it's basically a little hut serviing chips, sarnies and cups of coffee/tea. In fact you can't have been to far away when you took that third picture.