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Originally Posted by sixspeedsam
LOL, so THIS is how things are planned on e90Post!

So I was just thinking on the whole after drive refreshments thing. I'd actually be willing to host a get together at my house if folks are up for it afterwards. Got a deck, patio, grill, plenty of street parking, etc. etc. I can buy beer/food/whatever and folks can bring additional goodies.

I live in South Riding in Loudoun county, so it could be a trek for some if you live in the city. Pass the cows, left at the llama farm, swing a right past the red barn... Seriously, not too bad. AJ knows, he's in Ashburn.

Sam.. thanks for this great offer!!! We might have to take you up on it...

Thats funny, because I normally turn right at the llama farm

Now, get a black lambo in your driveway again, and I guarantee youll have a few more of us show up