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Originally Posted by bavarian19
Sam.. thanks for this great offer!!! We might have to take you up on it...

Thats funny, because I normally turn right at the llama farm

Now, get a black lambo in your driveway again, and I guarantee youll have a few more of us show up
The llama farmer lady sold out to the big builders that flashed $$$ at her every day. What was once a quaint, tranquil scene of llamas grazing on lush green fields of grass is now a canvas of cookie cutter mcmansions! And that's exactly how I like it

We can oogle my neighbor's 530i, but the lambo had to go back. I tried to convince him that he needed a third car ... but it was a little past his price range He's got kids to feed!

Seriously though, I'm more then happy to host. It's been a while since I've given the grill and deck a good workout.