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Man what a disgrace. More and more, the decisions that BMW is making, piss me off. If they are really going to make the 8 series a four door coupe, and LARGER than the upcoming 7?!?! I'll be the first to say BMW has lost its way...and BMW has been my favorite auto maker since I was 8. I loved the days when BMW made small, performance oriented fast cars. Now the only thing we have that fits into that category is the 1 and 3 (even the 3 has gained a lot of weight). The 5 and 6 are under powered and getting heavier each iteration. Even though I love all mentioned above to death. The fact is they get bigger and heavier with every generation. With the exception of the M3 and 335i..not even the mighty M5 and M6 can keep their street cred, because they just aren't as fast as I think they should be for that amount of money. I mean come on only 4.7 seconds for 120k? I see the Gallardo doing a whole lot more with 500 horses than the M6 and it's quite disappointing. I know comparing a BMW to a Lambo isn't the greatest comparison..but you can pick up a Gallardo for around the same price almost. And BMW is even loosing straight-line battles with the porkers over at Mercedes (the M6 looses out to the Sl600, and that's a shame because I hate the SL). That should NEVER happen.

Now they are gonna put the kibosh on a M3 CSL and M1 mid-engine Audi fighter, yet make M models of X-series SUVs? That's retarded. So is this rendering, so is the idea of bringing the 8 series moniker back without a nice uber-coupe to go with it. I read in my automobile that the CS concept was still under way in GT4(four door coupe) and GT2 (two door) variations. Lets hope Automobile knows what they are talking about..and that IF we see the number 8 will be a two door guise. Call me crazy..but I think all these companies and their four door coupes look hideous, except for the Mercedes CLS which was the pioneer of all this crazy four door hooplah. I hate Mercedes too. Hate them! But I have to say at least they aren't playing follower in this segment. Everyone and they're brother including Aston and Porsche (Aston and Porsche, are you effin' kidding me?) are playing catch-up, to one of the ugliest styling trends IMO, since the plastic that hit the Chevrolet cars like an Avalanche (punn intended). Seriously, The Panera bread, or whatever Porsche is calling it, and the Rapid are ugly stretched versions of beautiful cars. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea to take a beautiful car such as the DB9, or Carrera and ADD TWO DOORS. All in all, as far as I'm concerned if BMW plans on making the 8 just a four door coupe, then they just need to stop production. Because I myself don't want to see a car, I love dearly (the E31) brought back as a slap in the face to it's adding 1000s of pounds and a wheelbase larger than a 7. And I know the original was pretty big when it was first available, but come on.. Enough is enough. It's like BMW, and every other car maker has forgotten how to make small, lightweight cars.

This concludes my rant on whats wrong at BMW and with this concept for the day. lol

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