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The next chapter in my move to Denver...

What can be the Insurance cost of a new 328i... I have tried to simulate it on StateFarm and alike... but they all keep asking for my driver license (which I don't have since I only have my European driver License)....

I just want to have an idea of how much I will need to spend on Insurance...

Is there an insurance that covers all costs of an accident or break-in? Even if it is my fault, like missing that big column in the parking lot, or some hooligan breaking my window? Or if someone decide to steal my beautiful car????

For example, in Spain, I am paying like $2,150 in insurance, per year, but it would cover any cost of any damage that happens to the car (except mechanical/electrical failure). I mean, If I am involved in a car accident, being my fault or not, if the other has insurance or not, or if I hit a column in the parking lot, the Insurance company will pay to get the car repaired. I am looking for something like that, that covers any "accident" to the car.

The car would be in Denver, but I am still trying to figure out the neighborhood... I just need a rough estimate of the cost. (like $500 or $1000, or $2000, or $3000... I have no clue!!!)

I guess that having two cars would be cheaper, my wife is in the mood for a ford mustang... she always loved that car Any ideas on the insurance for that other car??