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my biggest problem will be that I have no driving history in the US, and actually I don't have a driver license... I first have to get one when I get there... and then the car and the insurance...

I am 30, will be 31 when I get there. Been driving car and motorbike (BMW both of them) since I was 18...

"My" first car was a 528i with 180hp, then used my dad car, a 530d (190hp). Then I had my first BMW... a motorbike, R-850-R, after that I have now a 330d (230hp).

I have never caused any accident, and I have had 3 driving courses, two from BMW and one from Audi... I know all the specs of my car, and know how to handle it in most situations, and never had a ticket...

And I still have to pay $2000 to make sure that in the case that some "bastard" who doesn't know how to drive runs into my car, and has no insurance, or basic insurance, I can have my car repaired...

I know life is not fair... but why does it have to be so unfair!!!!!!!

I needed to say it out loud... now I feel better!!

Thank you for your comments!!