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what about diesel in Denver?

There is one option that I have not think of until now...

I was taking a look at craigslist to check the price of second hand cars, and to take a look at the cars around the area...

What if I could bring my car to Denver??

The biggest problem is that it is a 330d... it's diesel...

Would I have troubles to find diesel at the gas stations around Denver? What about the rest of the US??? When I was in Chicago, not all gas stations had diesel... but I wasn't really paying much attention to that...

I have read some news about diesel coming back to the US in the general forum... but is it for real?

Do the gas stations have diesel available? It's pointless to be able to load diesel in downtown Denver, if the gas station, 400 miles outside Denver doesn't have diesel... (how am I supposed to get back from there without gas???).

What do you think??? I guess that the transport, and certification would be around $4,000-$5,000... Since I don't know yet how good or bad am I going to be able to sell my car here... I think I should consider this option...

Here we also have a big crisis... and it's not the best time to sell "luxury/premium" cars...