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Originally Posted by CrimsonRedE93 View Post
I had never noticed that the car would either limit te revs/power when it was cold until this morning when I went to pull out and not a lot happened.

The car seemed to be limitng the revs to about 2500rpm and had reduced power, It was really wierd the more you put your foot further down and the revs stayed at the same level.

I presume this is normal and it was only as my car had not warmed up due to the chilly morning?
Mine has been doing exactly the same for a while now. It does it every morning, and if the car has not been driven during the day, every evening when leaving work.

It almost feels as though it is running a couple of cylinders short. I keep meaning to book it in the garage, but my dealer is so sh!te, I just know it will end up coming back with more faults Either that or they will claim 'no fault found!' like they have with every other problem I have taken the car in with!

I suspected on mine it could be a problem with the injectors, as I know the 325i has had an injector re-call. Mine has not been in to have it done yet.

When/If you find out the answer I will be interested to know!