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Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
The screen sizes stays the same at 8.8" for the 3er, screen resolution is up to 1280x480 however.
Yea, this is double the resolution of the i-drive of the past (which was 640x240.) Also, there's no longer a huge multi-pin LVDS cable - its just a 2 wire (multi-core) shielded cable.

It also looks as if the controller, even though its different, is still on the K-Can bus, despite the added buttons. In addition, the IBOC (for HD radio) is built into the CIC now.

The more I look at this, the more it seems feasible from a hardware standpoint. The main connector on the back even looks the same. Its that damn programming again. Getting Progman to program this might be impossible....but Autologic? Since the software is out there, it should be do-able. I might have to upgrade my FTM to TPMS to keep up with the times on these cars...this would involve additional programming...

Also interesting, is that there is an ethernet capability on the back of the CIC. (not a standard computer-type port...but think of the possibilities!)

I can't wait for this next generation of i-drive hardware to hit Ebay...!! (Maybe I'll be doing a next-gen retrofit also!)