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2008 320d  [2.50]
Remapped 320d (223hp/517Nm)

First of all I want to say that this was done by a company in Sweden called V-Tech but I know thereīs a huge interest in remapped 320d with the new ECU (177Hp) in this forum. We also did a dyno run with a Spider box fitted which Iīve had since spring this year. Thatīs the reasons why Iīm posting here

The results were:
Stock: 182Hp/365,7Nm
With the Spiderbox fitted: 193,1Hp/443,3Nm
Remapped: 223,3Hp/517Nm

The car felt faster and more alive with the Spiderbox but after doing a proper remap its a whole new car. The biggest difference is from 0-60mph and the reving. With the remap it pulls much stronger right up to the rev limit. Itīs also more pleasent to drive since I donīt have to downshift as much as before. I have a friend that has a 330 (e46 231hp) and before the remap he was a little bit faster…now itīs the opposite

Hereīs some tests I did with an accelerometer called AP22 which is a very accurate instrument.

43-68 mph (70-110km/h) in third gear:
Stock 4,90 sec
Spider 4,37 sec
Remap 3,86 sec

62-93 mph (100-150km/h) in fourth gear:
Stock 9,39 sec
Spider 7,76 sec
Remap 7,12 sec

Hereīs two prints from the dyno. The first one shows stock, box and remap and the second one shows stock and remap.

So Iīm really happy with the results. Itīs still not a fast car but itīs ok as my daily driver.
e92 320d with Aero lip, M-tech rear, M6 rims and GP Thunders...