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Just to let you guys know,
A couple guys came over yesterday to get rid of the infamous ticking sound.

Although I had a bad experience in the past with working on another member's car, I was persuaded otherwise by one of the members.
I learned a couple things during this work.

One of the members had a car with the newer software (+29.2) and the ticking was present.
The interesting thing is that the ticking happens opposite when compared to the pre 29.2 programs.

In the pre 29.2, the ticking happens at deceleration and at idle, but with the +29.2 program, the wastegates are open at idle, but once the accelerator is depressed, the wastegate shuts.
If there is not enough pressure on the wastegate seal, then the ticking will happen under light acceleration and throttle blipping.

Therefore, I have concluded that this rear wastegate ticking fix will also help the +29.2 software cars.

This is good news!

I was always curious with how there would stll be ticking with +29.2 cars since the wastegates are open at idle, but now I understand.
The ticking happens during the time the wastegates shut. Hence, it happens under acceleration.

If you are local and confused with my instructions or you do not feel comfortable with performing this work, then you can PM me to set up an appointment for me to take care of this for you.
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